Smart Compass Pro 2.3.3 (v2.3.3) Apk Download For Android

Smart Compass Pro has been updated to version 2.2.3 with new improvements and features int his version. Smart Compass Pro is an application which is very helpful especially when you’re lost, because it’s the easiest way to find out the direction with camera view. Smart Compass Pro, is a smart application brought to you by

IM+ Pro v6.1.9 beta Apk Download For Android

After it was updated to version v6.1.8 beta couple days ago, IM+ Pro has got next update to version v6.1.9 beta now with new features and improvements in this version. In version v6.1.9 beta, IM+ Pro now have full support to Android tablethoneycomb, support native Android share feature, typing notifications, upload avatar right for your mobile Android device, Group chat

Android Pro Widget 1.2.8 (v1.2.8) Apk Download For Android

It’s not very easy to find a widget that really fits your needs. If you’re into social network so much, like facebook or twitter, you may find yourself loving widgets on Launcher Pro (Launcher Pro Widget) where you can easily update your facebook or twitter feeds. But if you’re not really into launcher pro, it’s