Apex Launcher Pro 1.3.3 (v1.3.3) Final Apk Download For Android

The previous version of Apex Launcher (v1.3.3) seems to have problem, some users reporting crash on most devices, so the 1.3.3 update has been released to fix the problem. There are not much launcher which is specially made for ice cream sandwich device. While launcher pro, adw launcher and go launcher are undeniably good, they’re not something that easily match with ice cream sandwich OS.For example, if you install go launcher ex in HTC ICS device like HTC One X, HTC One V, HTC One S, you will see annoying 3 dots of menu in the bottom of the screen. Why is this happening? Because ICS device simply doesn’t have menu button. Simply said, they’re not specially made forICS. There are some great launchers for ICS device like Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher. Apex Launcher is a launcher brought to you by the developers that brought you the extremelypopularfancy widgets pro. Apex Launcher is customizable, and the 1.3.1 updates brings new features, improvements and fixes in this version. Some new features only available in pro version, like the ability to put widget on the dock. Currently, the version 1.3.3 is pretty stable, as long as we’re playing with it, we didn’t find any bugs or lag with this version. Now the version 1.3.3 brings you more improvements and new features. This is the the final version of Apex Launcher 1.3.3, this update brings Jellybean goodness to your device.