Nova Launcher Prime v1.3.2 APk Download For Android

It’s been a while since the latest android operating system Ice Cream Sandwichbeing released along with the third Google device Samsung galaxy Nexus. All the time, we have so many great launchers available in the market, from launcher Pro, ADW Launcher EX, GO launcher EX,Regina Launcher and SPB Shell 3D. After all the time, we may need something new, something fresh. For those who still stuck in Gingerbread (or older OS like froyo, éclair) may installthe ICS theme to their device. And done, you have an ICS taste in your gingerbread and froyo. But if you already have a galaxy nexus, or just some device with ICS update (currently just Sensation and Samsung Galaxy S II in selected country), you may be bored with your defaultlauncher (although we think that the UI you find in undoubtedly beautiful). There are some launchers for ICS device available in Google Play, and if you really want to give a try, this one is very great.  It’s Nova Launcher Prime v1.3. Highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android 4.0+. this is a launcher that takes full advantages of ICS and brings you so much features you never had in your older android version.

Recent Changes

  • Latest version Nova Launcher Prime v1.3.2